Mana Energy Potion
Mana Energy Potion is the premium energy shot made by gamers for gamers. It's for long nights of gaming, partying, and the longer mornings that follow. It will bump up your mana to +160 (real world humans have about 100 mana, by the way). It's 5-8 hours of smooth, jitter-free energy. When it comes to caffeine content, this potent shot is equivalent to about two 8-ounce Red Bulls® or four cups of crappy office coffee.    >> more info
Jolt Chewing Gum
Jolt chewing gum contains caffeine PLUS Guarana and Ginseng to give you maximum energy. Jolt Gum is as safe as coffee (and arguably even safer). The caffeine is exactly the same molecule as in coffee– you can just subtract the spilling. By the way, no other gum or mint even comes close to the energy boost in Jolt Gum. Its got 2x the boost. 2 Pieces of Jolt Gum = 1 Cup of Coffee.   >> more info
Headshot Energy Bar
Buzz Bite Chocolate Energy Chews keep you going. 1 Buzz bite chew has as much caffeine as 1.25 Red Bulls or 3 cans of coke. Each tin contains six smooth tasting chocolate chews. Pocket friendly and extremely portable energy.   >> more info